Volunteers serve as invaluable role models, helping students understand the important role that education plays in their future success.

After completing a training session and getting acquainted with the JA curriculum, volunteers commit to spending between 5 and 8 hours in a classroom, depending on the grade level.  Exact schedules are worked out between the volunteer and their assigned teacher, but volunteers generally visit a classroom either one day a week on consecutive weeks, or on consecutive days.  You pick the grade level you'd like to teach, you pick the school you'd like to visit, you pick the schedule!

Getting up in front of a classroom full of students can sound intimidating, but time after time volunteers report back that they were shocked by just how much fun they had!  And there's no comparison to the feeling that you've made a genuine impact on the lives of students.

Volunteer FAQ

How does Junior Achievement Kearney accomplish its mission?
Volunteers are the core of Junior Achievement's success!  They deliver JA's hands-on activities to students directly in the classroom. Volunteers are role models to the students and they individualize JA's easy-to-follow lesson plans with their unique work and life experiences.

Why Should I volunteer through Junior Achievement?
Our mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy in order to improve their lives - and the lives of everyone in our community.  We all benefit from children who grow up to be capable, educated citizens, active community members, responsible employees and future leaders.

Do I have to know how to teach?
No!  Junior Achievement makes it easy by providing training, prepared activities and all of the classroom materials.  The JA staff is available to assist you whenever necessary.  You do not need teaching experience to be a JA volunteer, just the enthusiasm to try. 

How are volunteers prepared?
Junior Achievement provides volunteers with prepared activities, classroom materials and extensive training, all to ensure that volunteers feel comfortable prior to stepping into the classroom.  The training includes: classroom management, understanding and relaying the JA curriculum, the dynamics of working with the classroom teacher, and how to communicate effectively with the students. 

Who volunteers for Junior Achievement?
Junior Achievement volunteers come from diverse age groups, backgrounds, and occupations.  Business professionals, senior citizens, retirees, parents and college students all take time out of their busy schedules to teach kids how business works.  Diverse experiences and perspectives are an asset in the classroom.  When Volunteers draw upon their own personal experiences, they bring credibility to the information - and new perspectives into the classroom.

Where can I volunteer?
Junior Achievement Kearney will be looking for volunteer teachers for the 2017 Spring semester in January 2017. Stay tuned!

Can I volunteer in my child's classroom?
Research says that the greatest predictor of student achievement is not economic or social status, but rather the extent to which parents become involved in their children’s education. Junior Achievement enables you to spend an additional 35-60 minutes with your child each week and to familiarize yourself with his or her teacher and classmates. With JA, you will serve as a role model—not just to your child, but to your child’s peers too.

How can JA afford to provide its program free to schools?
Junior Achievement is a not-for-profit organization that raises revenue from corporations, foundations, individuals and fundraising events.

Who do I contact if I would like to volunteer?
Please contact Shanna Schulte at (308) 237-4671 or sschulte@kearneycoc.org or Michaela Schieffer, mschieffer@jalincoln.org, of JA Lincoln.

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