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Losing a co-worker is normal, but four??

Published: Monday, June 2, 2014   /   Categories: Leadership

June 2, 2014

It is amazing how attached a person can get to co-workers in just a little over a year. I have been coming to work the past 15 months to the same faces of some amazing and professional women. All that changed this morning. Monday morning, June 2, 2014. I’ve known it was coming- known for some time, actually. But that didn’t make this morning any easier or less unsettling.

Losing a co-worker, even TWO co-workers is a normal part of life; we’ve all been through it, right? But losing four? That’s just not normal. Or right! But it happened and now Lindsey, Jennie, Leslie and Megan are off to experience new career adventures. I wish them the absolute best of luck and I know they will succeed and continue to have successes in their professional lives.

When I first started at the Kearney Area Chamber and learned about all the people who used to work here, it was surprising. Someone told me that the Chamber was a training ground and that employees moved on to other things- “bigger and better” things. I didn’t like that one bit! But I’ve come to realize, it’s actually a complement.

Chamber professionals have a huge amount of exposure to businesses and other professionals in the Kearney area. Their work ethic and performance is on display for all to see and assess. That’s how the Chamber recently lost two of our staff- they were approached by businessmen and offered amazing opportunities. Darn you, Mark Benjamin and Josh Erickson!

And professionals they are! Working with all the women at the Chamber made my transition smooth, because I didn’t have to worry about anyone doing their job. They were (and are) hard workers, who took pride in work and were dedicated to the mission of the Chamber. This allowed me the time to concentrate on learning the “ins and outs” of the Kearney Chamber. I will forever appreciate the work ethic displayed during that transition time and throughout the past 15 months.

So, we are left with the newness of this Monday morning- seeing new faces and missing familiar ones, working in new offices and seeing empty and altered ones. By the way, we’re all good- there is no negativity in this parting. Plans are being made for monthly get-togethers, girl’s nights out, and Red Wanting Blue concerts. Good luck to Lindsey, Jennie, Leslie and Megan- we all have a “new normal” to adjust to and it’s going to be okay. We are all going to be okay. 



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