What’s Your Christmas Gift to Your Community?

Published: Wednesday, December 10, 2014   /   Categories: Leadership

I'm very fortunate in life in so many ways. I still have many problems that pop up and some bigger than others. That's just life and my belief is that we all experience those. We have had good fortune and some success in life though, and we are fortunate largely because of our communities and how they support us. What exactly is community to you or I though? Is it a place to live? Is it a sense of belonging? Yes we all have our own view of community and it is all varied, but community is that group of people who share some common interests, goals and objectives.

Community is all about "we" and the "me" working together for the benefit of all of "us".

Part of my good fortune in life is to work in postsecondary education at this time and witness first hand the graciousness of individuals within the community. It is particularly those who make significant financial and material contributions to the school and our community that receive the most attention. Our institution recently was blessed by the generous contributions of Don Taylor and Engineered Air. Their family and organization have given countless millions not only to our institution but as well to others in support of community and they are not alone in doing so.

Being part of a recent evening event at SAIT in our School of Construction was a wonderful and humbling experience to meet and talk with numerous business and community leaders who attended. These soirees truly are magical moments in the future of institutions such as ours and our community.

They are also defining moments in the community we live in. Our future depends largely upon the generosity of countless individuals within our community.

Whether small or extremely large we all have a role in giving back to the community that supported each of us as individuals to have the success we have experienced. It is the schools, the teachers, the support staff, the management, and more. It goes beyond this though to a sense of understanding the critical need for us all to support each other in many ways, and for us all to feel the enrichment of community that surrounds us every day.

Community is what supported each of us to become who we are. It's the people at your work, doctors, teachers, politicians, plumbers, business people, store clerks, police and everyone. Our need to understand the diversity of those within our community and how they each can play a vital role to create the success for the next generation within the community needs to be appreciated by each and everyone of us. There is room and a need for everyone in our communities.

As Christmas approaches ask yourself ...What's your Christmas gift for your community? After all it is better to give then receive and we all receive plenty from our community and its members.

As people we are not here to be only takers within the community and reap the benefit of all of those who would support each of us. It is insufficient of us as individuals to believe that our daily contributions through work suffice for any of us in repayment to our community for all we have received. We all have a need to give back to our community.

Whether volunteering to coach a girls soccer team, financially gifting post secondary institutions, volunteering at the local food bank, helping in a river bank or park clean up the reality is our community and the future for all of us brightens by giving back. We create something better today for tomorrow.

Take some time to think about the enrichment in your life through community, and then take time to think about how you can give back to your community. There is a larger need for us all to have an understanding of community at a local level, national international and globally.

It is the season of giving as Christmas approaches in much of the world. A time to reflect of who we are as individuals and the "me, we and us". A time to give thanks for those around us and think of our future and that of the community we live in.

Give back to your community however you can. Your community, your family, friends , neighbours and even you will benefit from it for a lifetime.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you!

About the author: Dave Konkin luckily lives and works happily in Calgary, Canada at SAIT Polytechnic as an instructor and subject matter expert and developer of curriculum. He has over 35 years of work experience that is largely focused in the mechanical trades. He is certified in multiple technical trades, and also in conflict resolution. Dave has worked as a manager and front line employee in the HVAC/R industry and now is engaged in post secondary education. Dave and his family support and participate in charitable giving and volunteering, and work towards creating a better and more sustainable world for all people. They also encourage others to develop a sense of living their lives in the service of others and doing purposeful good daily. Dave and his wife Lisa, have a wonderful "yours mine and ours" multicultural family with their 8 children age 5 to 32, and are proud grandparents as well of three grandchildren. Dave can be contacted at davidgkonkin@gmail.com.


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