Live simply. Laugh often. Love deeply.

Published: Wednesday, September 9, 2015   /   Categories: Events

This weekend I went camping for about the 3rd time this year.  The anticipation that you feel while you’re packing and driving to the campsite is exhilarating.  If you like to spend some time outdoors, then you know what I’m talking about.  Once you get there, the setup processes seems to go quickly and you’re ready to tackle the first night.  

We went camping with a big group of friends so after we got everything set up, we had the chance to sit around the fire and just chat for a couple hours. You don’t realize how relaxing it is to unplug from the world and enjoy the people around you until you actually do it.  The stories and memories that you could potentially miss because you’re updating your status, are ones that you are going to want to remember.  

The first night you sleep in a tent isn’t so bad, especially if you happen to have an air mattress. The key to sleeping comfortably while camping is making sure you have a variety of blankets.  Night temperatures can vary each night, so I always pack a heavy blanket and a light one, just to cover my bases. 

For me, waking up the first morning is no struggle.  I’m awake and ready to embrace Mother Nature to her fullest by 7:30 sharp.  Once again, my anticipation gets the best of me while I eagerly waiting for it to be warm enough to go out on the water. Saturday morning we went out for a quick stroll around the lake and then laid anchor at a beach.  We had our @$$’s in the water, toes in the sand and you bet your bottom dollar I carved my name into the nearest cliff. 

All of us, being Husker fans, packed up and headed to the closest town to watch the Huskers play their opening game (let’s not talk about it). So once the saddest moments of the day (the 1 second loss) have started to drift, we mosey on back to the campsite. Eventually, we seem to move on to happier subjects that bring the life back to the night.  We laugh and joke until the wee hours of the night before we lay our heads down. 

The second night of sleeping is much like the first, except you feel just a little more crammed if you are sleeping in a small tent like we did.  However, the smaller the tent, the closer you get to sleep to the one you love. Waking up is a little bit harder the next morning because your body reminds you that you aren’t in your comfy bed anymore, and the stiffness starts to set in.  If you’re me, you still wake up at the crack of dawn, for absolutely no reason. 

If you are staying for 2 nights, then this day is the last day you will be sleeping on the ground, but we had an extra-long weekend since Monday was Labor Day, so we had one night left to go.  We got up, ate some AMAZING breakfast sandwiches and had more time to revel in friendship.

“On the boat again, I just can’t wait to be on the boat again,” was the song I was singing in my head all morning.  We did eventually get on the boat, after we ate lunch.  Then it was time for wake-boarding and tubing! I don’t understand why it’s so much fun getting pulled behind a boat at high-speed and then getting ejected from the tube into 30+ feet deep water, but it is.  Our tummies told us it was time to eat so we went back to the campsite to cook up so brats. Night time rolls around and people start heading to bed a lot sooner than before because they’re running on less sleep than usual.  

The third morning of waking up is always the hardest.  You know that once you get out of bed, you have to start packing up to head back home to reality. Re-packing is never as easy as unpacking. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t fit the tent back into the bag that you brought it in.  We end up throwing everything into the car to deal with it when we get home.  Unpacking the car when you finally get home sucks, but being able to shower your own shower and sleep in your own bed is indescribable.

Moral of the story, don’t forget to embrace everything around you.  Turning my phone off for 3 days wasn’t hard at all and it was probably the best thing for my mental health.  Being able to unplug and love the people around you is very important.  Don’t let the hustle and bustle of who’s doing what and who broke up with who, get in the way of what is really imperative, human interaction. Live simply. Laugh often.  Love deeply.

Written by Sarah Schrock


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