Celebrate National Small Business Week

Tips to promote your business during this week (and the rest of the year!)

Published: Tuesday, April 26, 2016   /   Categories: Membership

The week of May 1-7 will be National Small Business Week & the KACC is ready to celebrate our local small businesses -- we even got the Mayor to formally proclaim this week of support! We hope you'll join us in honoring all the businesses that make our community such a great place to live & work. If you own or work for a small business, we want to give you some tips on how you could use this week to your benefit. So check out our 10 ways to promote your business now (and during the rest of the year!)

1. Get Social -- Help us #SupportADream during this year's "Dream Big. Start Small" campaign. Utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & other platforms to share your dream & business. Let's get people to #ThinkLocal.

2. Thank Your Employees -- Be sure to show some appreciation to those individuals that keep your doors open & your dream alive. Whether it's bringing treats to work, writing thank you cards, or giving them a shout-out on your social media accounts -- any small gesture of gratitude goes a long way. Your employees should be your biggest customers after all.

3. Connect with Other Small Businesses -- This week is the perfect week to collaborate with your neighbors to promote all the small businesses in the area. Work together to cross-promote & everyone benefits. Get creative: maybe the local bakery could make cookies with your logo, or flowers from down the street could brighten your office. Let's work together to have some fun!

4. Do Your Research -- This week is a great time to share webinars, podcasts, articles & blogs with your employees, customers, co-workers (and yourself). Knowledge is power, so be sure to stay in the know to stay ahead. 

5. Have a Week-long Discount or Promotion -- Customers who stop in your location during the week get the added bonus of celebrating your small business. Discounts to anyone who purchases, special coupons only valid for a limited time, or chances to win giveaways during SBW are just a few ways to get people in your doors. 

6. Throw a Customer Event -- Maybe you want to literally celebrate this week with a party! Invite your most loyal customers or the whole community; everyone needs an excuse to have fun! 

7. Visit Your Neighbors -- Schedule time to stop by the other businesses around your location. A friendly check-in helps build your reputation, expands your network, and creates a better work environment for you. See how you can help others by sharing your success, your time, your resources, and your smile. 

8. Get More Likes -- Now is the perfect time to get more 'likes' on your Facebook page. Start a campaign for people to like/share your business page and continue to expand your reach. We know that everyone in the community likes you already; make sure they do online too!

9. Picture Perfect -- It is proven that images and videos get more views online than just posts with text. Now is your chance to get in front of the camera to share your view. Give a 360 tour of your shop, have your customers share why they choose your store, interview the boss about how they started the business, or have your employees speak about the importance of shopping local. We want to hear your story. 

10. Join the Chamber -- If you aren't a member of your local Chamber of Commerce we cannot stress the benefits of doing so enough. We might be biased, but a Chamber of Commerce is there to support the business community. Our mission is to promote your success and profitability, to get you involved in the community and the business sector, to educate you on business trends and what is happening locally, to help market your business to the other members and the rest of the community, and to grow your network. We are here to help you! 


*Written by: Blair Cissell


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