Providing the Power of Connection-Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Your Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce

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 There is a place for every business and business professional in the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce. If you’re not one of the 890 businesses and organizations that are a member of the Chamber, then here are some reasons to stop everything and join our community building organization. Here are 10 reasons joining the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce is a great business strategy.

10.  Your investment keeps you informed through the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce communications.   As a member you’ll receive information about community and Chamber happenings, invitations to trainings, events and more. You can use our online calendar to locate community wide business and entertainment opportunities (www.kearneycoc.org/EventsNews);Post news releases, jobs or hot deals through the Member Information Center. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

9.  Your investment gives you a voice through Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce partnerships. We are dedicated to helping local companies grow their business by taking the lead in programs and efforts that help create a strong local economy that make Kearney a great place to do business. 

The Kearney Chamber takes seriously its role to advocate on behalf of the business community with state and local government entities. We want to ensure an environment where businesses can thrive. The Chamber is the only broad-based business organization that aims to represent business interests no matter your size,
industry, or location. If you're doing business in the Kearney area, we are
working on your behalf.

By working with the City of Kearney, Buffalo County, Economic Development Council, Kearney Visitors Bureau and the State of Nebraska, the benefit to our members is advocacy representation that you have neither the time nor resources to provide for

8.  Your investment builds connections by providing opportunities to meet business and community leaders through networking events such as Coffee & Company, Business After Hours, Community Connections, member appreciation functions, trainings and seminars. We encourage you to join a committee ambassador group or volunteer for a Chamber or community event. These are all great ways to meet people and potential customers.  We encourage you and your employees to take
full advantage of these opportunities.

7.  Your investment is an excellent way to give back to the community in which you live, work and play. Regardless of where your customers are, this community and its quality of life are important to you, your employees and your business. Your investment advances our business community.  A healthy local economy is integral to the
success of a business. When Kearney businesses thrive, jobs are created, goods
and services are available, cash flows through the community and taxes are
generated to support community facilities and services.

6. Your investment is good for your image.  There is no doubt that joining the Kearney
Chamber means increased visibility and there is something to be said about supporting your fellow business men and women.  A 2012 national survey* revealed that being active in a local Chamber of Commerce is an effective business strategy because consumers believe that such companies use good business practices, are reputable, care about their customers, and are involved in the community.

                *The study was conducted by The Shapiro Group, an Atlanta-based strategic consulting firm

5.  Your investment plays a hand in community growth and business development activities.  We work hard to make the Kearney area attractive to potential new businesses, and are here to provide information on living and relocating to the area, which in turn helps grow our community. Publications like our relocation packet, community profile guides and city/county maps are distributed daily. The Chamber is often the first place a visitor or business comes for such information.

4.  Your investment allows you access to educational and professional development opportunities. The Chamber is committed to offering consistent, affordable training on timely topics for our business members.  Chamber YOUniversity offers training sessions on important business topics such as, communication, marketing, leadership and management.  We also partner with Coggno to provide online training opportunities.  These training sessions are very affordable, many at no cost, and can be taken on your time.  Topics include human resources, compliance, safety training, business management, leadership and software, to name a few.  For professional development we have programs such as Leadership Kearney and Youth Leadership Kearney. We also take pride in our involvement with our future workforce through the school system, by providing scholarships to area seniors and growing our Junior
Achievement program.

3.  Your investment offers you exclusive advertising and marketing resources.  Advertising opportunities include E-promos, Chamber Pack mailings, the Agenda Newsletter, Business Intelligence Report, website and the Chamber Membership Directory. Sponsorships are available for events such as Oktoberfest, Career Exploration Day, Connecting Business Showcase or the Annual Meeting to mention a few. We also
encourage you to provide promotional items for giveaways at networking events, new
teacher bags and the Chamber Golf Classic. These are all great opportunities to
get your business in front of other members and the community.

2.  Your investment helps the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce carry out its mission and commitment to the community. “Promoting the success and profitability of
members through Involvement, Education, Advocacy and Marketing of the Kearney Area Business Community.”

1.  Your investment allows our staff to promote your business and make our community the kind of place you can be proud to live and work in. The Chamber staff cares about the growth of you, your business and this community. Every members’ needs are unique, we value what you have to say and appreciate your membership and time.  To help serve our members better we are constantly adding new benefits and
services and encourage feedback and suggestions.  We’re here to help you with everything from marketing your business to scheduling ribbon cuttings, to connecting you with business tools and community resources. Utilizing your membership benefits
makes your business, our organization and our community stronger.

This list of top10 reasons to join is just the beginning of the many wonderful opportunities that come with an investment in the Kearney Chamber. I’d love the chance to visit with you about joining the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce and discuss the level of investment and involvement that fits you best. Contact Elizabeth
Roetman at 308-237-3101 or eroetman@kearneycoc.org.

I look forward to having you join the Kearney Chamber!

Written By Elizabeth Roetman Membership Director, Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce





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