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November Spotlight Business

Mount Carmel Home was recognized as November’s Spotlight Business award!

Mount Carmel Home has been owned by the Corpus Christi Carmelite Sisters since 1929. The original building on 17th Street was home to elderly patients from 1929 to 1965. The number of residents continued to increase at Mount Carmel Home, making additions to the building necessary. Thanks to generous donations, construction on the 54 bed wing was completed in 1965.

A few more additions and renovations have been added along the 17th street building in order to accommodate space demands. In 1979, St. Joseph’s wing was added to provide additional housing space and in 2006 the Day Care Center, called Little Shepherd Kidz Place, solidified Mount Carmel Home’s dedication to improving the lives of residents and staff members.

Mount Carmel Home was operated and administered by the Sisters until 1991. Today, they own the Home while serving as the Board of Directors and remain active in administration activities. If you are looking for opportunities to get involved, volunteers who are looking to help enrich the lives of Mount Carmel Home residents are always welcome. Click HERE to discover more about volunteering opportunities!

Mount Carmel Home remains committed to providing the highest quality of care and preserving the dignity of life in a Catholic, Christian, and homelike atmosphere to those we serve. Specially trained staff can meet the needs of residents in the Alzheimer’s Unit and Rehabilitation Center. Mount Carmel Home is dedicated to providing professional support for residents as well as their families and loved ones.

Congratulations Mount Carmel Home on receiving November’s Spotlight Business award!

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