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Sage Creek Health Integrative Health, located at 304 West 39th Street, celebrated their

recent renovations and new services with a ribbon cutting ceremony event on September 20, 2022.

Sage Creek Integrative Health is known as "Kearney's best kept secret" that has been here for six years, according to Dr. Melinda Barratt who is the the Osteopathic Psychiatric Physician. She the only Osteopathic Psychiatric Physician in the state of Nebraska. Dr. Melinda Barratt is able to work on blood vessels, ligaments, organs and everything that has to do with the human body. She also specializes in Holistic Health Care and is also introducing the Ivy Nutrition to Sage Creek Integrative Health. Ivy Nutrition will also be available for a treatment plan, Ivy Nutrition is to help individuals with rehydrating and restoring nutrient deficiencies.

Click here to view the Facebook live event.

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