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To better serve the Kearney community and the Leadership Kearney organization, Leadership Kearney now has their own website. You can learn more about Leadership Kearney programs, set up to date on what's happening, and connect with alumni all in one spot.


Class 29

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Leadership Kearney is an organization created to identify, educate and nurture potential, emerging and existing leaders that are committed to improving the quality of life in Kearney and the surrounding communities.

In 1991, Leadership Kearney was born as a hybrid of existing leadership programs coupled with the unique needs of Kearney in mind. Participants will be provided with tours, round-table discussions and speakers that can inspire and train the next generation of leaders in Kearney. 


  • Develop leadership for the future of our community.

  • Build community trustees.

  • Foster community cooperation.

  • Encourage interactive networking.

  • Promote community betterment.  

  • See that all board members are active on at

       least one board committee. 



Leadership Kearney Adult Class 28


There will be one session per month.  These session days will run like a typical business day 7:45-8:00am through 5:00-5:30pm.

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Local Government
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Health & Human Services
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Art, Culture & Recreation
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State Government Day
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Business & Industry
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Planning & Implementation
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This is a two-year commitment.  During the first year, participants will attend the sessions and learn much throughout the entire year. They will also be required to volunteer at a Chamber event and participate in a class service project, which must be completed within the first year of the program. The second year, participants will be tasked with planning & attending certain sessions (typically 3-4 throughout the next year). Graduation takes place after the second year.

Selected candidates are expected to attend and be fully engaged in all Leadership Kearney sessions.  Monthly sessions are held from approximately 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. typically on the second Wednesday of each month, October through May.  An orientation evening will be held in August and an overnight retreat will be held in September outside of Kearney. Barring emergencies, attendance at all sessions is MANDATORY!



The tentative session dates are enclosed in the application and are typically the second (2nd) Wednesday of each month.  Any variances will be communicated as early as possible, with the only exception being weather postponements.  This will not only be a sacrifice on your part, but also on your employer.

The last section of this application is a signature section from both you and your employer agreeing that if selected, participants will be allowed to be absent from work for all required participation in the Leadership Kearney program throughout the 2-year commitment.  Attendance is a mandatory requirement for graduation.



Applicants must:

  • Work or reside in the Kearney area.

  • Commit to full participation in the program, including one year in the class and one year planning the following class year’s program.  This is a two year commitment.

  • Have a desire to develop and utilize leadership skills.

  • Receive a commitment from your employer that allows full participation.

  • Submit online application and two typed letters of recommendation by May 15.



Each year members of the Leadership Kearney board serve as the Selection Committee.  Each application is reviewed; however, this is a competitive process and not all applicants will be selected the first year they apply.  Leadership Kearney does encourage those not selected to apply again in the future as soon as the following year.  As you complete the application, you will see how each section of it is scored in addition to being submitted with the required letters of recommendation.  Leadership Kearney is a program that runs and thrives off of donations both monetary and time.  It is vitally important that the participants give each tour or presenter the utmost respect as they are donating their time to show the participants a small segment of what makes Kearney the thriving community it is.  Thank you again for your interest in Leadership Kearney.

The purpose of the Leadership Kearney selection process is to choose a class of individuals to represent the Kearney area.  This is a competitive application process and not all applicants are selected the first year they apply. During the first year of the program, members of the class will have many opportunities to become educated on various issues, exchange ideas and enhance their leadership skills.  During the second year, members will concentrate on participating in planning committees both as committee chairs and general members while securing donations for the day sessions.  The selection process is geared toward choosing participants who represent a cross-section of the community, with class members from a variety of professional, educational, political, social and cultural backgrounds. 

Applicants will be selected based solely on the response to the application questions.  Answers should exhibit:

  • A sincere, personal commitment, motivation and interest in improving the Kearney area

  • A demonstrated capacity for leadership within an organization through significant action

  • A commitment to supporting the continuation of leadership and trustee development in our community

  • A willingness and availability to commit the time and energy necessary to complete the program requirements with the full support of your business/organization



In addition to time and dedication, Leadership Kearney requires a financial commitment.  Tuition for the program is $450 (if you choose to pay with a credit card, fees will apply). Your tuition includes Leadership Kearney shirt, name-tag, all program materials, eight one-day sessions, one evening orientation, a two-day retreat, meals, required lodging, out-of-town travel and programming costs. The evening meal in Lincoln on State Government Day is not-included, this meal will be the responsibility of the participant. Tuition is due in full by August 1 unless other arrangements have been made.  If you are unable to complete the program for any reason, tuition will not be reimbursed.

Financial assistance is available to individuals who may not otherwise be able to participate in Leadership Kearney through a payment plan, in which tuition can be paid over an extended period of time. The final payment will be due on April 1. 

The Leadership Kearney Board of Directors also grants a few partial scholarships. Requests for scholarships will be considered on the basis of the applicant’s need, as indicated in the space below. Each requestor and his/her sponsor, if applicable, will be asked to contribute at least half of the tuition. Full scholarships are not awarded. 


To make a request for financial assistance, please contact

Nomation/Application For





PO Box 692, Kearney, NE 68848


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