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What's your dream career?

On our Career Exploration Day, you can explore area careers to find out what different jobs are like and how you can get ready for them. You can explore careers that match your personality or interests. You can also discover careers you never even knew existed in our community!

In this section you can:

  • Explore the Career Quiz! Always a great place to start.

  • Research careers on the Career Cluster and Careers page.

  • Discover Educational Opportunities.

  • Inspect Tools that will help you map out your future

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You might have heard about Career Clusters in your school. Clusters are a way for educators to organize careers into different groups or categories. Click on the buttons below to explore careers.



If you have plans to continue your education after high school check out some of the local educational opportunities available for you.

Click on the buttons below to discover more educational opportunities.



Use these activity and journal pages to keep you focused and organized as you explore careers. Additional tools for students are available that focus on preparing for the future. Click on the buttons below to download these helpful documents. 

Help students discover the world of work!

The goal of the Career Exploration Day, hosted by the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce Business & Education Committee and the Nebraska National Guard, is to introduce students to a variety of careers by allowing them to participate in hands-on activities, such as exploring vehicles, using tools, operating computers, and interviewing workers. With your help, students will be able to explore a wide range of careers such as construction, health and human services, legal, educational, retail, manufacturing, sales, and more!

Be on the look out for different online experiences about various careers. Students will also have an opportunity to hear from representatives from universities, state colleges, community colleges, and have different resources that share about costs and types of programs available to train for the careers. 

2024 Career Exploration Day:  10/2/24

Contact: Heather Ullman, Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce

308-237-3101 or

Cost: $75.00 (for businesses and colleges). All proceeds go to the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce Student Leader Scholarship Fund.

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