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Buffalo Bucks Most likely you have seen Buffalo Bucks floating around, whether you have used them or not here is some more information on how they work. Purpose

The Buffalo Bucks program was created to promote buying local. These certificates can only be used in Buffalo County assuring the money spent stays right here in our community! They make great gifts and employee incentives. In fact, in 2015 over $152,000 were purchased to spend locally!

Where to Buy? You can purchase your Buffalo Bucks year round at the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce at 1007 2nd Avenue. Who Accepts? Any business in Buffalo County is able to accept Buffalo Bucks, however we do encourage you to shop at Chamber member establishments. Not sure who is a Chamber Member, you can check here…Membership Directory How do they work?

Buffalo Bucks spend just like cash, if you spend less than the $10 the business will then give you change for the remainder. Retailers If you are a retailer or business please know that the certificate will be honored by all local banks. Just endorse the back and put the buffalo bucks in with your deposit just like you would a check, you will be paid for the full amount. Problems If you have trouble spending your Buffalo Bucks please contact the Chamber and let us know! We do our best to educate everyone on how to use them. For more information contact the Chamber at 308-237-3101

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