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There are just some things that people who aren't from the Kearney area don't understand about Kearney and why it such a great place to live. Below are just 13 facts about Kearney to share with your friends.

1. Lights, Camera, Kearney

Photo Credit: UNK News

Kearney is no stranger to the spotlight, and has even been featured a time or two on both in movies and TV shows. From the TV show Dexter, to the movie About Schmidt, Kearney is also the hometown to the creator of the Blacklist, Jon Bokenkamp. The hit NBC show often references people and places in Kearney.

2. Kearney loves hops

Photo Credit: NTV

Thunderhead Brewery and Platte Valley Brewery offer 21 different assortments of beer. Not only are the breweries a great place for a beer they also have some amazing food options to pair with your favorite flavor of hops.

The Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce hosts an Oktoberfest celebration annually that brings in more local breweries to the community. This offers a chance to test out some new flavors and enjoy great music and fun. Join us for the celebration next year on September 29th, 2017.

3. Destination Downtown

Photo Credit: UNK Antelope

Hit the bricks in Downtown Kearney for some nightlife entertainment. Whether you are looking to listen to some live music, grab a bite to eat or just let loose there are several bar options for you to choose from. In just the downtown area alone there are 12 different options for your night out on the town.

4. Get Anywhere in a jiffy

Photo Credit: UNK Communications

If you are in a bind for time don't worry, it only takes about 10 minutes, to get pretty much anywhere. You can commute less and live more here. Not only is in town travel easy, but due to Kearney's location right off of I-80, travel is a breeze. It only takes about two and a half hours to get to Omaha, about an hour and forty-five to Lincoln, if you want to head to the lake you have a few close options like Harlan and Johnson. Or even if you want a weekend getaway to the Rockies Denver is only a five hour drive away, or you can fly there with SkyWest.

5. A+ Academics

Photo Credit: UNK, Kearney Catholic High School Foundation, KHS, NBC NEB

Education is an important drive in the Kearney community, with a total of 17 different schools in the area that range from higher education to elementary level and we are continuing to grow. A new Kearney High School and Central Community College, new additions to Kearney Catholic High School and the University of Nebraska at Kearney is always growing and building a better future for their students. The continued growth of education is due to the support of the community.

6. Rich in History, Art, & Sandhill Cranes

Photo Credit: Nebraska Tourism, UNK Communications, Omaha World Herald, Danielle C./Yelp

Looking for something to do? We have so many different things for you to experience ranging from a visit to MONA, Classic Car Museum for the car lover in your life, learn about the exploration of the west at the Great Platte River Archway. Even the Sandhill Cranes love visiting Kearney. Some many beautiful things to see and history to learn here. Kearney provides numerous opportunities for you to visit.

7. Home of the Brave

Photo Credit: Courtesy/DHHS

Welcome home Veterans. Kearney couldn't be more proud to be the new home for Nebraska Veterans. The community is so excited to offer the best facilities to our brave men and women who have served our country. The building is located on the former site of the Kearney Army Air Base and will be neighbors to the Nebraska National Guard Armory and Patriots Park.

8. Local grub that will make you yell YUM!

Photo Credit: Kearney Food Truck's Facebook Page

Our local eateries are places that will be leaving you craving for more. Kearney has many different types of cuisines from all over the world from Thai, American, Chinese, Italian, and Mexican we got all your cravings covered.

9. We have great employers BIG & small

Photo Credit: Sayler/Yelp, Buckle, CashWa, Scorr marketing

With a low unemployment rate Kearney has great job opportunities, but we also have great employers. We support all of our local businesses no matter their size. We have some big corporations that call Kearney home, Buckle and CashWa are just to name a few. But we have a community that also strongly supports local businesses.

The Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce promotes a few campaigns that focuses on buying local. One of the campaigns is Buffalo Bucks, that is the same as real money in Buffalo county. It comes in $10 increments and encourages to keep money local in Buffalo county. Another campaign is the Pledge to Gift Local, which is a simple pledge that anyone can make to buy local for the holidays. Best part is not only are you keeping money in Kearney, but you are sign up for a chance to win some great local prizes.

10. Live long and prosper

Photo Credit: First Care Kearney, Kearney Regional, Community Link/CHI Health Good Samaritan

If you were to be anywhere and needed a doctor Kearney is the place you would want to be. With 303 doctors within city limits and 15 hospitals within a 60 mile radius, you are in good hands. The community also supports a healthy lifestyle and have numerous healthcare fairs and activities to get active.

11. Nobody is a stranger here

Photo Credit: Envoys

You can talk to someone whether you know them or not. Kearney is a friendly place, where if you have a question on where you are going, you can ask anyone for directions. New to the area, Kearney welcomes you to be a part of this great community with open arms.

12. A breath of fresh air

Photo Credit: Kearney White Water Twitter

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. There are several different outdoor spots in Kearney to be enjoyed. With 15 public parks which include a skate park and dog park. Kearney also has 6 golf courses in the area and also has soccer and softball/baseball complexes for sport lovers. A new addition to the area is a white water park and an amazing hike and bike rail that goes from Cottonmill Park to Fort Kearney. If you are an avid hunter Kearney is a great location due to its geographical location near the river. Get out and enjoy some fresh air here.

13. Kearney Cares

Photo Credit: Main Street America, Kearney Hub, Envoys

The best part about Kearney is the citizens that call this place home. This is a community that truly cares and joins together to support the people, organizations, and places that are important to them. From Tackling Cancer to Saving the World Kearney gets behind the things they believe. There are many community committees that help keep Kearney going. There are always opportunities to get involved.

All of these things together really encompass what makes Kearney really great!

There are probably many things that might be missing from this list, and if you can think of a few we encourage you to add your thoughts in the comments section.

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