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Legislative Report 11

Good morning Kearney Chamber members. State lawmakers return to the State Capital this morning, March 25, and enter into the second half of the legislative session. Priority bills and the new biennial budget will be the focus of the second half of the legislative session.

Because of the construction at the State Capital it has been difficult to find an available space to have our Tri-City Legislative Luncheons, but on April 8th from 12 to 1 pm we have invited our 3 Senators to the Nebraska State Education Association building in Lincoln to have our luncheon. Please RSVP to Sharon at Cost of the luncheon is $20.

You can read the full State Chamber Legislative Report here.

The following are the key 2019 dates for Nebraska lawmakers this session:

● March 28 - Deadline to complete bill hearings.

● April 2 - Full-day floor debate begins.

● May 2 - Budget bills must be on General File.

● May 22 - Budget bills must be passed.

● June 6 - Sine die adjournment.

Have a great week!

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