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Every year, the Colonel's enjoy a two-day Wally Derby event at Johnson Lake; but this year, a special tribute was dedicated to Matt Kampfe, a treasured member and friend. The recognition retitled the event as "Matt Kampfe 'The Rodfather' Big Mouth Wally Derby, oh-fish-ally sponsored by the Kearney Chamber Colonels".

The Wally Derby is meant to serve as an event where Colonels and Generals can mingle, network, and enjoy some outdoor competition. Events include golfing at Lakeside Country Club, dinner at Nautical Rose, and fishing on Johnson Lake. The fishing takes place on day two, starting at sunrise with the intent to catch the biggest Walleye, or largest amount (by weight) of fish per boat.

Golf winners were Tim Shada and Marty Albrecht! The Colonels also honored NebraskaLand Distributors with a Doing Business Award to celebrate 30 years of Chamber membership.

The Bazata boat was given the victory with 8 fish.  Mark and Doug Sutko's boat had 7 and Steve Linden's boat had 7 as well.  There seemed to be a tie on biggest fish between the Linden boat and the Sutko boat at 19.75 inches.  Scott Bazata won the other category for biggest fish with a 3.4lb catfish.  

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