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On Wednesday, May 8th, the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce hosted an engaging Community Connections event, bringing together multiple community members, elected officials, and key stakeholders. With in-person attendees and a live stream option, the event provided an opportunity for meaningful discussions and updates on various local initiatives. Sponsored by NorthWestern Energy, this monthly roundtable discussion is an invaluable platform for fostering collaboration.

Buffalo County Updates

Tim Higgins, Buffalo County Commissioner announced that next week is National Police Week and that KPD will be hosting their 5th annual police week memorial. Two names of former officers from Buffalo County will be added to a memorial in Washington D.C. for National Police Week. Warren Eatherton, former marshall of Shelton, who died in a police pursuit in 1956; and Willis Daggett, who was a deputy sheriff who died in a traffic accident in 1959. Higgins also announced that the DMV will be relocating to the 321 building, where they plan to expand. 

City Developments & Updates

Stan Clause, Mayor of Kearney stated that the Keynote review had 15 requests submitted for the new lottery building, totaling $62,000 worth of grants. He also stated that there were 19 requests totaling $278,000 for the downtown rehabilitation grants. The de-winterizing process was started for the Harmon Park Pool to prepare for its opening this summer. On May 18, Yanney Park will be having their Big Dig Day, where they will plant thousands of plants around the park with the help of volunteers. 

Brenda Jensen was recently hired as full-time city manager for Kearney, previously serving as the interim city manager. Senior Day was celebrated two weeks ago, where they honored over 250 seniors in the community at the Peterson Senior Activity Center. Lastly, Mayor Clause noted that city planning staff has been meeting with different groups to try and forward the initiative of allowing ADUs, accessory dwelling units, to be built on people's property as smaller, single-family homes. The installation of these units in the community is intended to help increase affordable housing in Kearney. 

Kearney Public Schools & Education Updates

There was not a representative from Kearney Public Schools able to attend Community Connections this month.

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