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RC - Viaero Wireless

A Ribbon Cutting ceremony took place for Viaero Wireless of Kearney’s new location on November 7th! The new location can be found at 3821 2nd Avenue.

Viaero Wireless of Kearney provides you with the most reliable wireless and broadband services, keeping you connected to your community. Viaero Wireless’s mission is to provide reliable and affordable wireless service to customers. They believe that high speed 4G LTE coverage should be available to everyone, not just customers who live in big cities. Whether you are calling in or visiting one of the Viaero Wireless stores, helpful and friendly customer service is offered.

Viaero Wireless is always striving to improve current services in order to provide cutting edge developments in wireless technology throughout multiple states in the Midwest. Viaero Wireless has served customers in Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, and Nebraska for more than 25 years.

Extensive coverage across the nation and parts of Canada and Mexico help make traveling more convenient. Midwest customers know they can travel throughout the nation and still get the same quality coverage.

Visit any of Viaero Wireless of Kearney’s three locations or click HERE to get more information from their website!

3821 2nd Ave

(308) 455-4133

1920 W 24th St

(308) 455-4724

Hilltop Mall

5011 2nd Ave Ste 57

(308) 455-4725

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