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On Tuesday, February 27th, the Senior Coalition visited the new and exciting Pizza Ranch, which recently opened in the Fall of 2023. Pizza Ranch was founded in 1981 by Adrie Groeneweg in Hull, Iowa. The first restaurant started as a single location with a vision to provide a unique dining experience by offering a blend of pizza and a family-friendly atmosphere.

One of the key features that set Pizza Ranch apart was its buffet-style service. The restaurant introduced an all-you-can-eat buffet that not only featured a variety of pizzas but also included salads, chicken, and desserts, providing a diverse dining experience for customers.

Pizza Ranch gradually expanded its presence throughout the Midwest, opening new locations in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Illinois. The chain's growth is fueled by its commitment to quality food and community engagement.

Pizza Ranch often emphasizes its Christian faith-based values. Many of its locations incorporate a Christian-themed atmosphere, and the company is known for supporting various charitable and community initiatives.

While pizza remains a focal point, Pizza Ranch expanded its menu to include a variety of offerings, such as crispy chicken, salads, and desserts. This diversification aimed to cater to a broader audience and provide options for different tastes

Dennis Johnson of North Sioux City, South Dakota chose the Kearney restaurant as his second Pizza Ranch location. His first was in Bemidji, Minnesota. 

The current location, nestled between the hotels and the Cinema 8 Theater, gives the restaurant prime visibility from 2nd Avenue and continuous foot traffic from travelers and moviegoers.

This Pizza Ranch encompasses 9,066 square feet. Of that space, 2,350 square feet is dedicated to a Pizza Ranch FunZone arcade. The dining section accommodates community activities such as meetings and birthday parties.

The group learned the history and origins of Pizza Ranch, explored the clean organized kitchen, and checked out the FunZone arcade. General Manager, Stephan Johnston and FunZone/Marketing Media Manager, Tarence White informed the group about the weekly promotions like Tuesday's "kids eat free" night and community involvement such as local concessions and fundraisers. Currently, Pizza Ranch has 225 locations nationwide. On average, Pizza Ranch opens about 8 locations per year.

To learn more about the great food, excellent services, and amazing community involvement, visit the website at, or check out the Kearney location at 123 3rd Avenue.

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