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The Outstanding Business of the Year Award is intended to recognize the contributions of businesses to the growth of the Kearney area. To be eligible for the Outstanding Business of the Year Award, all applicants must meet the following criteria.

  • Be a current member in good standing of the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce for a minimum of two years.

  • Have completed a minimum of three years in business.

  • Show growth in sales, services and/or growth in number of individuals served and expanded programs and services.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to ethical business practices.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to employee support, development and diversity.

  • Demonstrate community involvement/leadership.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to utilizing resources in the Kearney area to help your business grow.

The Outstanding Business of the Year award is designed to recognize the important role businesses play in our community. Through the award process, businesses are recognized for growth, creativity, community involvement and leadership.

Congratulations, USA Communications, on being selected as the Outstanding Business for 2020!

USA Communications is a full-service provider that has always been a reliable communication network with high quality services. An array of services are offered to meet the demands of today and USA Communications shows they are committed to providing advanced products and services to customers.

In 2013, USA Communications expanded into fiber optic data services in Kearney. During which they began providing state-of-the art fiber optic data connections and commercial grade digital phone service to businesses, organizations and multi-unit housing. Since then, their fiber optic services have expanded to the communities of Lexington, Minden, and Grand Island.

Local technical staff help to maintain and service USA Communications customers around the clock. Technical staff and customer service representatives believe in what they do and they work hard to provide customers with high quality service. USA Communications strives to meet the needs of customers by going above and beyond! The experienced management team knows the importance of taking part in the local communities and value the people in the area.

USA Communications appreciates each and every customer, and strive to continue to provide Kearney with the high quality telecommunications services.

Once again, congratulations USA Communications!


Past Award Winners: 2019 BluePrint Engines | 2018 West Pharmaceutical Services | 2017 Eaton Corporation | 2016 Miller & Associates Consulting Engingeers PC | 2015 Xpanxion

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