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On Thursday, April 21st, the Agriculture Committee took their first meeting of the year on the road!

Nick Ward, Chairman of the committee, invited the group to Ward Laboratories for a tour of the facility. Ward provided a tour of the new building expansion, soil sampling process, and other innovative testing equipment. He explained the process of what occurs-- once a sample is submitted, each recipient receives a health score for their soil, an interpretation guide assisting in understanding the health score, and recommendations that help improve soil fertility and crop yields.

Ward Laboratories, Inc. has analyzed soil for the Haney Test since 2012 and is considered the industry leader in soil health testing. The lab has been in operation for nearly four decades, and the team of soil scientists and laboratory professionals have countless years of education and experience. Other services they provide are Feed & NIRS Analysis, Plant Analysis, Water Analysis, Manure, Slurry, Compost & Wastewater Analysis, Fertilizer & Lime Analysis, and Brewery Analysis.

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