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C&C - LEADS Blue

LEADS Blue hosted Coffee & Company at the Chamber on Thursday, December 13.

The purpose of the LEADS Group is to create a close-nit networking group of professionals in the area with the purpose of creating increased business and revenue.

The LEADS Blue group is mainly for professionals that rely on referrals (or leads). There is only one individual from any particular industry in each group so there is no overlapping. The group meets bi-weekly and gets to know each other and each other's services very well with the intention being that any given individual in the group would feel comfortable referring a client, friend or family member to any other given individual in the group. There can be as many LEADS Groups as needed at the Kearney Chamber.

LEADS Blue meets the second and fourth Thursday of every month. The current Chair is Wendy Kreis of Vertical Focus Realty and the Vice-Chair is Kristi Vogt with Tonniges & Associates, P.C.

The Chamber is excited to announce that a second LEADS Group, LEADS Green will be formed in 2019. Please contact Shanna Schulte at, if you would like more information about joining one of the LEADS groups.

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