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C&C - Yanney Heritage Park Foundation

NAIFA and the Yanney Heritage Park Foundation Board of Directors hosted a wonderful Coffee and Company on Wednesday, May 30th.

NAIFA, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, partners with Yanney Heritage Park Foundation to raise funds for the park and the Yanney Heritage Day celebration which concludes with a spectacular fireworks display. Yanney Heritage Day was held on June 2nd this year. The two organizations also plan an annual Golf Tournament which will be on June 22nd. Yanney Heritage Park has come a long way: steadily, an 80-acre cornfield has been transformed into a first-class city park with many unique features at the heart of the Kearney community.

Yanney Heritage Park is located at 2020 W 11th St. For more information contact 308-237-7095 or visit the website

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