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Senior Coalition was held at the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce for October’s meeting. We were able to hear from Lynn Martin and Sherry Morrow of the County Board Office. Sherry informed the group of the different Districts and who represented each area. She also updated us on the Buffalo County Courthouse entry points, letting us know that the main entrance on the east and west sides are the best access to the building. The north entrance is closed. The group was educated on the different committees within the County Board. :

Budget & Finance Facilities OMP Information Technology Road & Bridge Noxious Weed District Human Resources/Insurance Public Safety, Law Enforcement

& Emergency Management Court & Judicial Veterans Service Zoning/ Flood Plain Extension/ Agricultural Society Election Commission Legislative Ravenna Lake / Campgrounds Advisory Covid-19

We learned that the County uses not one, but thirteen different approved depositories for county monies. This eliminates the danger of holding all funds through one bank.

Recently, the County purchased the former Black Hills Energy building at 610 Central Ave. The purchase occurred in May of 2021 with the intent of eventually moving the Work Release and Probation individuals over to the renovated building where there is more room. The Work Release program enables those convicted of non-violent crimes to keep their jobs and serve their jail time at night and on weekends. Both Juvenile and Adult Probation will be in this building.

Buffalo County is expected to receive approximately $9.6 million in American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) Funds. In anticipation of receiving these funds, Buffalo County did budget to receive and spend those funds. This is why it appears that Buffalo County's budget took a tremendous jump from last year to this year. The Buffalo County Total Budgeted Expenditures increased by $12,822,732.03 and the Buffalo County Total Budgeted Revenues increased by $12,121,541.52 and Property Tax Asking increased by $701,190.51. Just a reminder, $9.6 million of both increases in expenditures and revenues is due to the ARPA funds.

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