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The Envoys held the April meeting at Billy Jack’s Pizza Pub, located at 810 3rd Avenue in Kearney. Owner Bill Winberg reserved half of the restaurant for the group and provided them with a large variety of menu items.

We welcomed our host, Bill Winberg, to speak about his venue. Bill learned about management and restaurant skills during his 25-year role as Director of Operations for the Nebraska/Wyoming region of Applebee’s. Winberg mentioned there are currently twelve states on the waiting list for a Billy Jack’s Pizza. 2 additional locations are set to open in Cheyenne, Wyoming in May of 2022.

To add to the full bar with a special frost cooling rim, a new drink was designed by Winberg called “Billy Brew,” a smooth vanilla cream ale. Billy Jack’s Pizza Pub will be celebrating their one-year anniversary in April 2022 with 24 employees, over half of which are the original employees from the initial opening.

Whether it’s satisfying your breakfast needs with French toast sticks, breakfast burritos, or biscuits and gravy pizza, or meeting your coworkers for a custom-made pizza and a cold Billy Brew after work, Billy Jack’s Pizza Pub has everything you need!

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