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Fall Legislative Forum Visits Kearney.

This past week the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the Fall Legislative Forum at Central Community College. Executive Director of Blueprint Nebraska, Jim Smith, provided an outline of the vision and initiatives adopted through one of the largest statewide, public input processes on economic growth – Blueprint Nebraska. The result is a long-term, strategic plan for the state with measurable economic objectives and specific recommendations to boost prosperity for all.

By 2030, the Blueprint Nebraska initiative strives to:

· Make Nebraska a top-three state to live in according to various national rankings

· Create 25,000 jobs

· Grow annual income of Nebraskans by $15,000

· Add 43,000 18 to 34 year-old residents in Nebraska by 2030

· Boost research and development investment by $200 million annually

Along with Blueprint Nebraska, there is support being placed on workforce development. This will increase opportunity both for business owners and community members. The impact is expected to raise the economy through all facets, including private sector, agriculture, and public growth operations. The initiative will allow companies to provide college funding by receiving tax incentives, grow family farming operations by providing technology and updated equipment training, and bring new business opportunities for 18-35 year-old aspiring entrepreneurs and their families.

Brian Sloane, President of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce, is traveling across Nebraska to discuss with community leaders and business owners Nebraska’s goals and initiatives to develop our state and gather feedback. They want to share how Blueprint Nebraska will impact communities and businesses over the next eleven years and how business owners and community leaders can take advantage of the following goals:

· Create the best odds in the country of landing a good job and enjoying a good life.

· Give Nebraska the best mid-sized metro area transit; the most arts, culture, and recreation per capita; and the most vibrant rural main streets in the country.

· Make Nebraska the easiest place to live, work, raise a family and start or grow a business, thanks to the most efficient state government in the country.

· Build the agricultural technology hub of the world and make Nebraska the best place in the country to bring automation and other tech innovation to diverse industries.

For more information about Blueprint Nebraska and how these goals may affect you, visit

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