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Senior Coalition met at Big Apple Fun Center on July 27th, 2021, to enjoy a tour of the facility as well as try out some of the newest attractions. Kenny Owen, former manager of Brunswick bowling centers in the Denver area, recently became the general manager of the locally loved fun center.

He started off by telling us more about the recently added indoor go-kart track. The 25,000-square-foot indoor track includes tight twisting turns to accommodate their 20 electric karts.

After observing the new track, we explored the improved eating and bar area. This area has also been redesigned to offer more tables, seating, TVs, pool tables, and shuffleboard tables. This area is commonly used for hosting and catering committees, events, groups, and other celebrations.

The final attraction was the new 7-D Theater, which includes a 3D movie supplemented by a simulated 4D environment. While a 3D movie is played, various special effects such as water spray, blowing wind, fragrance, leg tickling, strobe lighting, and smoke effect are added, and the spectators feel it more realistic than ever before.

With all these fantastic new attractions, Kenny Owen will have Kearney residents and visitors pouring in to check out the new and improved Big Apple Fun Center.

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