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On Wednesday, June 14, the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce hosted an engaging Community Connections event, bringing together community members, elected officials, and key stakeholders. With 22 in-person attendees and a live stream option, the event provided an opportunity for meaningful discussions and updates on various local initiatives. Sponsored by Northwestern Energy, this monthly roundtable discussion is an invaluable platform for fostering collaboration.

Notable Discussion

Randy Buschkoetter from the Kearney City Council kicked off the proceedings by announcing the swearing-in of new officers in the Kearney Police Department and provided insights into Kearney's upcoming Sesquicentennial celebrations. He shared that Kearney Public Schools Superintendent Jason Mundorf presented a proposal to purchase Memorial Field.

City Development and Education Updates

In response to the attendees' questions, Randy Buschkoetter addressed the city's involvement in UNK's Rural Health Education Complex, shed light on the progress of the new Sportsplex, and discussed the possibility of a Chicago flight originating from Kearney. The diverse range of topics showcased the city's commitment to enhancing healthcare, sports facilities, and transportation options for its residents.

Paul Hazard, a Kearney Public Schools board member, shared legislative updates that impact KPS. Notably, he highlighted the allocation of nearly 3.5 million dollars for Special Education Funding. Additionally, Hazard mentioned changes to the FAFSA requirement for all students and touched upon positive feedback regarding Superintendent Mundorf's accessibility and effective communication with the community.

Buffalo County Updates

Tim Higgins, representing the Buffalo County Commissioners, provided updates on various county initiatives. He emphasized the opening of the 610 building, a significant milestone for the community. Higgins also reminded attendees about the approaching deadline for filing property evaluation protests, offered insights into the high demand for storage garages, and shared news of Buffalo County deputies attending a clinic in Arkansas.


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