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Leadership Partner /lēdərˌSHip pärtnər/: A business or organization who makes an annual non-dues voluntary investment to help the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce reach new programming goals by investing additional funds, and at the same time helping the Chamber organization keep their overall dues at a manageable amount for members.

We will share a bit about each of our Leadership Partners weekly.



Tell us a little about KSO CPAs + Advisors:

Our firm is locally owned and has been serving the Kearney area for nearly 50 years! We provide accounting services and practical advice on financial matters to help our clients achieve their goals. Whether it's start-up of a new business or preparing an individual tax return, KSO CPAs + Advisors is here for you. NOT JUST DURING TAX TIME, BUT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR!

KSO CPAs + Advisors is dedicated to our community, our clients, and each other and we are always looking to further build our KSO team. Please visit our Careers Page for employment opportunities for Certified Public Accountants, small business accountants, and administrative staff.

We would love to learn about your leaders. Tell us a little about each of you and why you love living in Kearney, Nebraska!

Mindy Oman:

  1. Mindy Oman, originally from Cozad, husband and 2 girls in elementary

  2. I came to UNK for college and loved the town, the size was perfect and the people were welcoming. We have been blessed to have our business in Kearney where the city continues to grow, businesses come to town and the college teaches students that also want to live here.

  3. We love going to the different parks, walking through the rock garden and Harmon Park or around the lake at Yanney are my family’s go to activity.

Brooke Miller:

  1. My name is Brooke Miller and I was born and raised in Kearney. I graduated from UNK with both a bachelors degree and a masters degree. I have been a licensed CPA since 1999. I have been with KSO since 2009 and have been a shareholder since 2020. My mother also resides in Kearney and my sister and her husband live in Spring Hill, KS.

  2. Upon graduation from college, I worked for the State of Nebraska as an auditor for 13 years. I then joined KSO (formerly McDermott & Miller) in 2009. Soon thereafter, I made the decision that I wanted to become a shareholder at KSO when the time was right. I love what I do with helping people grow their small businesses and create success for not only their business but themselves personally. Kearney is home so there is no other place that I would want to own a business.

  3. My favorite “thing to do” in Kearney visiting local establishments for dining with family and friends.

Jessica Dailey:

  1. Shareholder and CPA, Jessica is an Atkinson native and Lexington resident who enjoys spending time with her husband Quentin and their children, Tucker and Allison, and can often be found wakeboarding, gardening and baking. Jessica has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with emphasis in accounting and Master’s degree in Professional Accountancy.

  2. I have always enjoyed working on a diverse number of projects and helping clients realize a vision. Kearney is a growing community that offers plenty of opportunity to do both.

  3. To celebrate birthdays, I enjoy spending a one on one day with my kids visiting the Kearney Area Children’s Museum and eating an ice cream treat.

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