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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Leadership Partner /lēdərˌSHip pärtnər/: A business or organization who makes an annual non-dues voluntary investment to help the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce reach new programming goals by investing additional funds, and at the same time helping the Chamber organization keep their overall dues at a manageable amount for members.

We will share a bit about each of our Leadership Partners weekly.




  • Dan Babl was born and raised in Stuart, NE. After graduating from Kearney State College he started Babl Construction in 1976 focusing on building residential homes. The company slowly transitioned from residential home builds to what is now Babl Kitchen and Bath. They specialize in kitchen and bath renovations, design for new and existing homes or businesses, and product sales.

  • Kyle Babl joined the company on the installation side at a young age. He now supervises projects and installations, working closely with subcontractors to make sure that each project is handled to the best of our ability. He is diligent in making sure our team is up to date on all the latest installation techniques and building products. Kyle is always up to the challenge and is often found installing some of our most intricate projects.

  • Kay Babl joined the Babl team in 2012 after finishing her design degree at UNK. She focuses on design, sales, and the everyday intricacies of being a business owner. From designing and working with her own customers, order processing, and training employees, she makes sure everyone is on track daily.

Why Kearney? What makes it HOME for you?

When asked, “Why did you decide to start your business in Kearney?”, Dan's response was..."why not." “Kearney has always had a great deal to offer. Coming from a small town of around 500 people, Kearney was a big change for me, but I learned very early on that it is full of opportunity.”

Favorite things to do in Kearney: Dan, Kyle, and Kay unanimously agree that Kearney has exceptional options for dining, shopping, and being active. Dan and Kyle share a love for golfing and fishing. “We are so blessed to call Kearney our home”.

Tell us a little about Babl Kitchen and Bath:

When Dan Babl graduated college, he began building homes for Johnson Imperial, located in Kearney. After a bit of experience, Dan decided he wanted to build a home of his own using his labor as a downpayment. He built his home in the evenings and weekends while working full time for Johnson Imperial during the day, which got him noticed by others in the industry. The plumber that Dan hired for his home asked Dan to build an addition on to his house which turned into neighbors and friends noticing and asking Dan to complete projects for them. Eventually these side jobs turned into a business, Babl Construction. In 1985 Kitchen Plus, a business in Kearney, became available for purchase so Dan bought it to utilize for buying products wholesale for his home building business. The kitchen wholesale business eventually became a better business than building homes (mostly because Dan didn't have to fight the weather.) Dan later changed the name of his kitchen wholesale business to Babl Kitchen & Bath and today we see that company well-known in Central Nebraska and as a family run business.

From Babl Kitchen & Bath's website: Building or remodeling a home can be a frustrating process, but at Babl Kitchen and Bath, we make it easy by presenting quality products with exceptional service even for the most intricate projects. Babl Kitchen and Bath knows that each individual’s style and needs are unique, and with our design team and sales associates at your side, we can create and make your vision come to life. We will work with you from beginning to end in creating your dream kitchen or bath today.

To learn more about Babl Kitchen and Bath and their services, like their Facebook page.

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