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We are excited to welcome Gina Christensen to the Chamber team!

With Gina’s driven personality, she excels in making sure every task gets completed in a timely fashion. Her craving for stable routines and clear rules, helps her stay on track. Staying productive is essential for Gina, she loves the feeling of accomplishment and structure.

Gina and her husband, Del, have lived in the Kearney/Gibbon area since 2003. They have three daughters: Megan, Abby, and Emma. They love taking family trips. Florida beaches are a family favorite, along with relaxing on a cruise ship.

Gina attained her Bachelor of Science after high school at Methodist College of Nursing, then recently received her Associate of Business Administration in Accounting at Central Community College. Gina amplified her responsibilities by working as the Office Manager at Faith United Church in Gibbon for over 10 years. She also worked as a PTF Clerk for the United States Postal Service.

After a long day, Gina loves going home to her family and fur babies Cooper, Leo, and Brody.

Gina's strengths are Consistency, Responsibility, Empathy, Achiever, and Discipline.

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