A New Business is Poppin' In To Oktoberfest

As far back as can be remembered, the Krueger family's favorite snack has always been the same. Whether for movie nights, football games, or just any regular afternoon, there was one item that held it's place as a mainstay at those events: popcorn. So when Cameron Krueger's mom decided she was tired of having to search for unique flavors of popcorn in their hometown of Norfolk, she made the decision to open her own popcorn biz: Poppin' Delights! She started very small, having just a few orders here and there, but the customer love was growing so she persevered. In between family life and her full time job, she scratch made her products with locally sourced ingredients. The popcorn is grown right here in Nebraska at Morrison farms outside of Clearwater! There are many aspects of the business that make it unique, but the best part is going back to the small batches because it ensures that love is placed in every kernel! Major popcorn companies produce in 60+ gallon batches while Poppin' Delights makes only 4-5 gallons at a time. You will never buy Poppin' Delights popcorn that isn't fresh and prepared just as the Krueger family intends.

Fast forward to February of 2019 when Cameron was in college taking courses for his Business Administration degree at the University of Nebraska-Kearney; he approached his mom about opening his own branch of Poppin' Delights in Kearney. March 1st he launched his own business at the Hilltop Mall in Kearney and has been working hard to grow their brand ever since. He is currently looking for a commercial kitchen where he can make his product in Kearney, but for now he heads home every weekend to replenish his stock. If you're wanting a unique product at your next event, be sure to reach out to Poppin' Delights!

In case you were wondering why we are sharing all this info, we are gearing up for Oktoberfest and will be sharing the background of each of our breweries and food vendors attending. Cameron is excited to attend Oktoberfest this year because he is excited about how the event is growing here in Kearney. "It's always fun to be a part of opportunities that are new to us because it allows for a lot of creative thought sharing and is always a positive experience. Oktoberfest is a great event for ust o be at so we can showcase visitors our delicious line up of popcorn flavors and raise our brand awareness."

For more about Poppin' Delights you can visit their website here or their Facebook page here.

Now you need to know how you can attend Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is October 19, 2019 from 5-11pm at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds Expo Building.

VIP Tickets are $40

General Admission tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.

Beer and food vendors will be in attendance as well as many fun games, activities, and live music from Soca Jukebox!

See you in Oktober!

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