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RC- Cervelle Consulting Services

On Tuesday, August 20, 2019 Cervelle Consulting Services hosted their Ribbon Cutting at their second location in Kearney. Cervelle has been open in North Platte, Nebraska for nearly 10 years.

Cervelle Consulting Services was founded by Dr. Brenda Petersen nearly a decade ago. Cervelle's services are focused on empowering students by helping them recognize their strengths and challenging them to find unique ways to overcome struggles. The primary focuses of Brenda and her team are mental health and wellness, as well as academic success and the removal of academic anxiety. Cervelle Consulting Services offers individualized tutoring and curriculum development for pre-K through graduate level students. Cervelle’s team of tutors hold various educational endorsements that include special education and early childhood development. Academic services, mental health training, professional trainings, curriculum development, and test preparation courses are offered as well.

Brenda gave a short presentation before the ribbon cutting to share information about her business and herself. One topic she shared was ways that she helps her clients feel more comfortable when they are first coming in for services. Even though she has a doctorate, she doesn't want to be called Doctor, she just wants to be Brenda, your friend. With such a welcoming atmosphere we are sure that Cervelle will be successful in Kearney.

If you are interested in learning more about what Cervelle Consulting Services have to offer, visit their website by clicking here or call 308-221-6647! Their Kearney office is located at 2121 Avenue B, Suite 3.

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