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RC - Hot Meals USA

Hot Meals USA of Kearney recently celebrated their Ribbon Cutting ceremony and dedication event on August 12th for their mobile location.

Hot Meals USA is a mobile meal distribution business that travels to areas in need after disasters. The business was a creation by Dick Cochran, Brad Holbrook, Travis Holman, Tony Purvis, and Bruce Schreiner who presented this idea to the local Rotary, Knights of Columbus, and Kiwanis groups. Together, they devised the plan and with the help of other Rotary groups and local business donations, Hot Meals USA was created. While they weren't completely ready for launch, when the floods hit Kearney in July, they dispatched their trailer to the Kearney Chamber of Commerce parking lot and served a large number of people. To date since the flood they have served over 7,500 meals.

Currently, Hot Meals USA is working on building a second trailer and they are hoping to build many more to station all over the country to dispatch in times of need.

Hot Meals USA is a non-profit who will thrive through donations from people like you. If you can donate, please visit their website to make a secure payment.

You can visit their Facebook page here or their website here for more details!

Congratulations on your ribbon cutting, Hot Meals USA!

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