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RC - Public House 22

On Tuesday, October 15, Public House 22 hosted their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

Public House 22 has an interesting history leading up to its new establishment as a downtown bar. Owners, Liz and Josh Swanson created Public House 22 as a welcoming place to relax, linger, enjoy a drink, and have a business meeting.

Built in 1884, the structure has housed various businesses, including a barber shop, storage, and a bar. With many new renovations, modern elements were brought in to the business. Owner Liz is excited Public House 22 will be part of downtown Kearney and states a goal is to contribute to the new entertainment by encouraging patrons to experience downtown.

Public House 22 offers sales on drinks during certain nights of the week. The most popular has been Mickey’s Monday featuring $2 Mickey’s fine malt liquor.

Visit their Facebook page or call 308-237-4668. Stop in to 12 East 21st Street to experience the creative and fun atmosphere of Public House 22 yourself!

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