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A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held on Friday, September 1, 2023, to celebrate Barista's Daily Grind at 25621 2nd Avenue W here in Kearney, NE!

The Barista's Daily Grind North Drive-thru location opened in the summer of 2023. There are two other Barista's Daily Grind locations in Kearney located at 2301 13th Avenue and 1502 2nd Avenue.

Barista's was founded in Kearney in 2001. The menu includes a large selection of espresso, specialty drinks, teas, food items, and more.

Jasmin McGinnis began working at Barista's in college in 2003 and now co-owns the business wither her brother-in-law. She also owns Cup of Coa, which specializes in wholesale beverage products.

During the event, Jasmin McGinnis, Co-Owner, said "If you could take away one thing from today, I would really love for you to go home and tell your friends and your family that we want your business... Your dollars matter. Your purchasing power matters in this town."

Be sure to listen to the Chamber Chatter Podcast to hear Jasmin's story! Find out more about Barista's Daily Grind by visiting their website or their Facebook page. Be sure you check out the Facebook Live video of the Ribbon Cutting ceremony!

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