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'From Scratch,' S.A.M. Que Provides Fresh Food and Insurmountable Service.

Many years of restaurant and catering experience and a few deep conversations about the future led into entering a few BBQ competitions. After the competitions came private events and weddings, and next thing they knew, the owners of S.A.M. Que BBQ owned a full service food truck and a (coming soon) restaurant in Kearney where they prepare every item they serve from scratch. Scratch, meaning they peel every potato that makes their delicious tots and grind all of their own hamburger! When asked what the most popular item on their menu is, they said besides the tots, it really just depends on the venue, but they can always count on the nachos or burgers being big sellers.

S.A.M. Que's large menu ensures a great meal for any palate and any age. The customers at S.A.M.-Que are extremely tight knit, with generations of family and friends driving from out of town just to catch the next food truck stop. While interviewing, a customer stated that it's the great people inside the truck who make him come back every time. "The food is delicious, the people are great, you can't go wrong coming here." That's the best kind of testimonial a business could ask for.

In case you were wondering why we are sharing all this info, we are gearing up for Oktoberfest and will be sharing the background of each of our breweries and food vendors attending. S.A.M. Que is excited to attend Oktoberfest because they always have fun attending as a patron so they are even more excited to attend as a vendor and share their passion for great food.

For more about S.A.M. Que you can visit their Facebook page here.

Now you need to know how you can attend Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is October 19, 2019 from 5-11 PM at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds Expo Building.

VIP Tickets are $40

General Admission tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.

Beer and food vendors will be in attendance as well as many fun games, activities, and live music from Soca Jukebox!

See you in Oktober!

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