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Thank You.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

On March 23rd, 2020 the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce and the Kearney Area Community Foundation teamed up to launch the Kearney Area Employee Emergency Relief (KAEER) fund. This fund is meant to help employees who have been affected by the closures or reduced hours of businesses in the Kearney area due to COVID-19. The impact so far has been immense and there are still so many more to help. The point of this article, however, is not to discuss the fund, but rather to thank the people who made this happen. The committee of people behind the scenes who have worked countless hours to verify employment, the board who completes the difficult task of allotment for each applicant, the staff who work tirelessly to ensure funds are distributed as quickly as possible, and most of all, to the donors who made donations to the fund to ensure that we could continue to give to our community members. Your work has not gone unnoticed and your gift to our community is beyond what we can explain in words.

We would like to note the names of our donors and thank them for their generosity:

Tim May

Elizabeth Matthiessen

Vicki Ahrens

Irma Nippert

Byron and Lotys Suhr

Aaron Estes

Bethany Rinard

Keith Kucera

Shari Hofmann

Kollin Goff

Clay and Amy Otto

Rita Black

Roger and Cecelia Davis

Mike and Rita Uldrich

Maxine Brass

Luke Tenhoff

Darrell and Jane Teply

Donna Carson

Derek and Meggie Rusher

Mel and Lois Wiens

Terry and Judi Sickler

Jason and Julie Calahan

Amanda Husmann

Gerald and Genevieve Brandorff

Darren Robinson

Larry and Maria Beucke

Lynelle Fritzen

Jake Williams

Mat and Amy Cope

Monte and Elizabeth Roetman

Mark and Megan Blinde

Travis and Ayla Gregg

Michael and Megan Andrews

Keith and Jan Rodehorst

Kevin and Jackie Witte

John and Kim Lowe

Sayler Screenprinting

Jordan and Allison Homan

Graten Beavers

Scott Vogler

Joe and Pamela Methe

Scott and Cindy Casper

Steve and Renae Brodine

Thomas Swanson in memory of Margaret Swanson

Paul and Rebecca Bartlett

Janine Jarecki

Greg and Sanae Shea

Brad and Jo Schwartz

John and Leola Ward

Colleen Jacobson

Patty Reisinger

Gene and Connie Koepke

Tim and Peggy Jorgensen

Kathryn Olsufka Trust

John and Jill Elliott

Steve and Judy Fisher

Roger and Sharon Hoffman

Ken and Bonnie Mumm

David and Catherine Kingsley

Shane and Pam Cudaback

Steve Halbert

Gary and Pat Anderson

Donna Biddle and Steve Benesch

Pam Artman

Larry and Mary Ann Jess

Devon Flint

Rick Robinson

Michael Walcott

Nancy Gumb

Dan and Julie Speirs

Kendee Koster

Steve and Judy Rothenberger

Trudy Connors

Bill and Jeanne Ross

Dann and Patricia Sharp

Kathy Gifford

Ross and Sherrilyn Woods

Galen and Marilyn Hadley

Jerald and Janet Fox

Mike and Jo Baldwin

David and Lisa Gleason

Philip and Charlene Waldron

Stephen and Jeanine England

John and Deanne Lakey

Gary and Julie Steffensmeier

Fred and Sheila Carnahan

Dave and Cynthia Malone

Larry and Joan Swanson

Aaron and Deanna Lakey

Dennis and Jolene Nachtigal

Douglas and Terri Colling

Wes and Debbie Benitz

Douglas and Rene Sykes

Merle Johnson

Drew and Brittany Blessing

Larry and Sue Bragg Advised Fund

Bill and Patti Calhoun

Jay and Sharlene Larson

Jimmie and Sandy Glenn

Ben and Sara Homan

Chuck and Elizabeth West

Joe and Gina Garden

Esther Auch Mody

Patricia Skilles

Kristi Lawson

Spracklen-Russell Construction, Inc.

Kent and Cindy Barney

Don and Elaine Sluti

John and Tracey Falconer

Bow Rowe and Melanie Reynolds DAF

Henry and Norma Schlattmann

Mike and Becky Evers Charitable Advised Fund

Jesse and Melissa Pandorf

Jaci Pohl

Pete Ricketts

Scott and Kimberly Stober

Tim Jares

William Lindsay and Katherine Keifer

Steve and Jennifer Homan

Rich and Karen Osentowski

Michael Einspahr

Dority Chiropractic

Lyn House

Leadership Kearney

Robin and Judy Marshall

Shelter Foundation

Bob and Wanda Glanzer

Rodney & Catherine Johnson Family Fund

Joseph and Glenda Barber

Gappa Distributing, Inc.

Ron and Mary Scott

Jon and Kathy Bokenkamp

Black Oak Investment Counsel, Inc.

BD Construction

Northwestern Energy

Painted Prairie Fund

Black Hills Nebraska Gas, LLC

USA Communications


Anonymous Donors

Thank you.

(Please note: the donor list will be updated as funds are received.)

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