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YPN: Welcome to 2020, Letter from the YPN President Chris Roehrich

Welcome to 2020! The YPN Board of Directors and I are enthusiastic and motivated for this new decade. Our focus is forward on the future in looking for ways YPN can impact the Kearney area to make it the place for young professionals to work, live and play.

Over the next year, we have decided to focus on engagementdevelopment, and retention with the Kearney area young professionals. We are doing this by revamping the way we interact with our members and how our members interact with the group. Our new committees, Membership, Personal/Profession Development and Community Outreach will provide new involvement opportunities for our members. These committees will empower our members to help create a better YPN. 

The board has been hard at work to find events and programming that will impact and inspire our members. Our First Friday events have evolved into new programing that will be more accessible. Check your calendars for YP Wake-Up, Strictly Social, Table Talks and Discover: events. Each of these events will reach our membership in new ways from socializing and networking, to educating and developing our membership. Please make sure your membership contact information is updated and that you are following our social channels so you can get the latest updates on what’s happening in YPN.

Lastly, as we begin a new and exciting year, I’d like to thank the past and present board of directors for all of the extra hours they’ve put into YPN to ensure the success of this organization. We would not be where we are today without their hard work and dedication. Finally, I’d like to thank you, our members, for your continued partnership with YPN. The future success of the Kearney community is being built by today’s young professionals.

We look forward to engaging with you at future events!

Cheers to all YPN’ers and those that support YPN!

Chris Roehrich

2020 YPN Board President

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