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Congressman Adrian Smith has a small list of special projects he has been engaged with. There are quite a few constituents who are struggling or having issues with their PPP loans and how the forgiveness works, so Congressman Smith has set up a special task force at each of his offices to help. Those with questions can call the office with loan numbers and receive feedback on the status of their loans. Next is the Congressional Art Competition where Congressman Smith will choose a winner and 3 runners up to have their art displayed.6

For Legislative issues, Congressman Smith recently signed his support for a bill to correct issues with transnational shipping. Currently there is a huge lack of shipping containers because so many are sitting at port. This bill would speed up the process and open these containers to prevent domestic companies from losing business over late or unsent shipments.

Read the press release here:

The second issue is with renewable fuels and how they are marketed and packaged. This bill would regulate labeling for better consumer understanding and also help to properly market who these fuels are for. This helps our local economy by encouraging ethanol usage.

Read the press

release here:

Finally, part 3 of the CARES Act was discussed. Even though the bill passed, Congressman Smith did vote no on the bill due to the unnecessary funding and bailouts that certain major cities received.

Read the press release here:

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