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On Tuesday, March 14, the Colonels presented the Doing Business Award to Horner Lieske McBride & Kuhl Funeral and Cremation Services, a member of the Kearney Area Chamber of Chamber for over 40 years! Team members include Jack Horner, Mark McBride, Spencer Kuhl, and Ron Lieske. Their commitment and complete dedication to the Kearney community has not gone unnoticed.

To learn more about their amazing history, visit their website: Horner Lieske McBride & Kuhl Funeral and Cremation Services

In 1920, Ira C. Anderson established the Anderson Funeral Home at 22nd Street and Avenue A, in what was later to be the Odd Fellows Hall. He moved to the present location on 25th and Avenue A in 1924. Robert L. Johnson joined Mr. Anderson in 1928, and the mortuary was remodeled at that time.

In 1940, a major renovation was completed. After the death of Ira C. Anderson in 1946, Mr. Johnson became the sole owner of the Anderson-Johnson Mortuary. Jack M. Horner became an associate in 1951 and in 1968 became a co-owner with Mr. Johnson, and the business was renamed Anderson-Johnson-Horner Mortuary. Ron Lieske joined the firm, and in 1971 the name was later changed to Horner-Lieske Mortuary. Jack Horner II joined the firm in 1979 and the name was adjusted to the Horner-Lieske-Horner Mortuary. Mark McBride joined the firm in 1995, and Spencer Kuhl joined in 2006, and in 2009, the name was adjusted to reflect all four funeral directors. Dennis Harrahill was welcomed to the firm in 2018 as a funeral director.

Horner, Lieske, McBride & Kuhl Funeral and Cremation Services has over 115 years of combined experience in the funeral business.

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