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KPD Chief Bryan Waugh - Colonels Donate to Shield 616

Kearney Police Department Chief, Bryan Waugh, was the guest speaker at the April Colonel meeting on April 9th.

Waugh served in the United States Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist and had been employed with the LaVista Police Department for the past 21 years before starting at the Kearney Police Department in November of 2018. He replaced Dan Lynch, who retired in October after serving 43 years with KPD.

Recently the Chamber Colonels and Generals donated $1,500 to the Shield 616 program to provide a set of armor for a law enforcement officer from Buffalo County or the City of Kearney Police Department. Chief Waugh, thanked the group for this donation and explained the importance of the vest package that the group was able to provide. This gear protects officers against rifle threats in an active shooter situation or in a crowd control matter. The Shield 616 vests are three-pound chest and back plates, that are worn over the standard vests. The armor also includes a ballistic helmet, a plate-vest carrier, the rifle-rated armor and a gunshot wound kit.

Chief Waugh mentioned that over 44 sets of armor have been donated and most officers have a set. The officers really appreciate the support of the community.

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