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The Envoys held their March Mixer at Legacy on the Bricks on Tuesday, March 1st! Alley Rose provided a delicious array of meats, cheeses, veggies, and other goodies while the Wedding Sisters provided a Mimosa bar where all were encouraged to garnish their drinks with fresh berries!

Legacy on the Bricks decorated each table with lanterns, lights, and greenery. Introductions were shared and a warm welcome was given to our newest Envoys. Ambassadors were awarded a small gift as a tribute for their time in the Envoys. The Event Committee provided entertainment with "Get to know you Poker", a game designed to encourage sharing stories, shuffling seats, and engaging with all of the other Envoys. After each question was asked, a card was given. The game ended when everyone had 5 cards and played their hand. Our winner of the night was our Past Chair, Denise Christensen! Congratulations to Denise, and a well deserved THANK YOU to our Event Committee for putting together such a fun night!

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