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The Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce and the McCook Chamber of Commerce hosted the first bi-weekly Chamber Congress Chats. Jerad Reimers, District Coordinator and Communications Assistant for United States Congressman Adrian Smith, gave a quick rundown of the Congressman's initial plans for this session of Congress.

With the Congressman’s 8th term as a member in the House which has allowed him to move into seniority roles in the House and a great thing for representation in the 3rd District in Nebraska. His priorities are access to critical access to healthcare, trade, taxes and agriculture. Congressman Smith will likely continue his role on the Tax Sub-Committee. This gives him a direct engagement opportunity in the Biden administration's tax plans to try to ensure that it is more in line with rural Nebraska. He intends to have a strong conservative voice for many of the policies that the Biden administration is intending to roll out that could be damaging to small businesses such as $15 minimum wage.

COVID Legislation is definitely on the Congressmen’s mind. Jerad reiterated that this is definitely a work in progress but he anticipates that something will be rolled out sometime by the end of March.

Please join us next time on Chamber Congress Chats, which will take place on Tuesday, February 16th at 8 AM via Zoom. Contact Stacey Johnson ( for more information.

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