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From Derek's Desk:

There is no rest this year between the end of the legislative session and kick starting next year’s session. So that means it is time to begin planning the fall 2020 Small Business Policy Council meeting. Last year, I accepted a Vice Chair position with the Small Business Policy Council of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Just recently, I accepted, and am excited to represent Kearney, as the Chair of the Small Business Policy Council.

The Small Business Policy Council evaluates and receives policy positions that impact small businesses which are then passed on to the Nebraska Chamber Board of Directors. The council acts as a forum for exchange of views and information that the Nebraska Chamber wishes to share.

This Council recognizes the fact that there are issues which uniquely impact small businesses. I want to have this Council act as a forum and a connector for the exchange of views and information that the State Chamber small business members wish to share.

Small businesses make up a large majority of Nebraska's business community and statistically contribute most new jobs within the state. Small business represents an essential segment of the membership of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

As Council Chair, I will also represent Kearney as an Ex-Officio Director on the Nebraska Chamber Board of Directors. The Nebraska Chamber is governed by a board of 60 directors, comprised of some of the leading business people from across the state – representing a broad spectrum of business types and sizes. The Nebraska Chamber Board of Directors establishes the association’s policies with input from members, as well as the Nebraska Chamber’s 11 policy councils.

My role as Chair of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry Small Business Policy Council, along with other board members, is to help set up and review goals that the council wishes to accomplish. Two goals I have are to increase member engagement and find opportunities to offer education needs for small businesses in the state of Nebraska. One suggestion I brought to the table from Kearney is our Digital Marketing Club. I feel that this club is an important asset to our area businesses because it provides education on topics that are up to date and essential to the success of those businesses.

A lot of my excitement for this position comes from knowing that I will have a voice that benefits Kearney by giving a stronger opinion at the state level. I hope to bring ideas and challenges that will benefit not only Kearney, but the entire state. I will continue to advocate on behalf of Central Nebraska and work towards an exponentially greater economy for you.

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