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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

On July 16, food lovers of Kearney gathered and helped Veronica Piñon officially commemorate her new ethnic food market in Kearney. The new venue celebrated by holding a ribbon cutting ceremony while also allowing visitors to explore the fresh produce and authentic Hispanic food items.

Mayor Stan Clouse shared how he first met Piñon at The Brickwalk Gallery, located in downtown Kearney. After speaking with her, they worked together to make the dream a reality. Mayor Clouse brought the ceremony to laughter as he told us how Piñon educated him on Hispanic cuisine by having him taste her shrimp ceviche and teaching him how to properly cut a mango. He concluded his speech by adding “Piñon is not only a good businessperson but also a friend”.

Daughter, Nadia Piñon, thanked her parents for allowing her to be a part of their dream. “I want to thank my Mom and Dad for having this idea and bringing it to light because a lot of people are afraid to bring things to light, and to have that gumption to do it is a lot!” Those at the ceremony expressed similar content towards the Piñon Family for working so hard and putting so much hard work into the new thriving market.

Being familiar to the Kearney area since 1993, Piñon acknowledges the journey she experienced to get here. Her family, in San Luis de la Paz, built their life around the store her grandparents operated together. Selling food to hungry shoppers on the weekends, the couple kept the store running. The weekdays also kept her grandfather busy traveling throughout the countryside to sell his products. The ongoing effort made life difficult for her family, however, in the long run, this experience did not go unrewarded. The circumstances gave her the motivation to succeed, while the time spent with her grandfather helped her become fluent in communication leading to lasting relationships with her customers.

The desire arose for Piñon to open her own business. The yearn for entrepreneurship led her to seek out Sandra Barrera, an employee at the University of Nebraska Extension in Grand Island who helps immigrants launch businesses. Barrera guided Piñon to the Rural Enterprise Assistance Program consultant located at the Center for Rural Affairs in Lyons. From that point, it was not long before the financing was secured, and Piñon could launch her dream.

While Piñon Market supplies all the ingredients needed to achieve the finest Mexican cuisine, such as fresh produce, salsas, spices, tortillas, and sweets; they also carry merchandise such as chimineas, pottery, cookware, piñatas, and so much more.

Come support Piñon in her new adventure by visiting Piñon Market, located at 527 E. 25th, Kearney. This location is east of the Kearney Post Office and was once home to Eileen’s Cookies and Subway.

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