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On Tuesday, August 23rd, Brad Kernick shared information with the Senior Coalition about the 200+ vehicles in the showroom of the Classic Car Collection. The museum has added many vehicles through generous donations from various owners. In addition to the permanent collection, they typically display approximately 60 vehicles that are on loan to the museum. This group is regularly changing and evolving, creating a fresh display each time you visit the museum.

The beginning of Classic Car Collection was a 2011 donation of 131 automobiles from Bernie and Janice Taulborg’s collection of 157 cars. In 2015, they donated six more vehicles. The Taulborg Collection represented more than four decades of acquiring and restoring vintage vehicles of various styles.

Since then, the museum has added other vehicles including some provided through generous donations from local car enthusiasts. These two categories of vehicles create the permanent collection. In addition to the permanent exhibits, the museum typically displays around 60-65 vehicles on loan. The variety of cars on loan changes regularly, ensuring a fresh display each time you visit the museum.

Along with over 200 vehicles, visitors to Classic Car Collection will find authentic vignettes, artwork, mannequins, and other items. Technology is used via interactive displays to help illustrate the wide-ranging effects that automobiles have and continue to have on our lives.

The museum has recreated a 1950’s gas station with both vintage tools and modern devices, which shows the progression of technical sophistication and advancement. There is also a drive-in theater screen and display that incorporates the original ticket booth from the local Kearney Drive-In.

Other displays include various video screens showing historical footage and events. The “Car Hoods Project” is the crowning bit of technology. Using recreated car hoods as projector screens, they provide historical yet entertaining footage.

By visiting the Classic Car Collection, you will be participating in a very important educational mission: celebrating the automobile as a vital element of art, industry, freedom, and history. While here, feel free to visit the resource center—an impressive library devoted to automotive history and expertise. View the automotive art on display, and share any car stories you might have!


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