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Your Chamber and You - Strength and Success.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Over the last two and a half years the Chamber has been adamant about adding value for our members. We know what makes our businesses tick and how members derive value for their investments. That has all changed over the last few months. Just remember that we were here for your business before COVID-19 and we will be here for your business after COVID-19.

What a perfect time to invest in the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce, when we as the Chamber are working to add even more value to your membership. The Kearney Chamber is only as strong as our members, and we see great strength in you. No other organization represents the business community like your Chamber. No other brand is recognized across the region as an organization fighting for the rights of employers, and no other group balances the needs of the business community with the needs of the general community like your Chamber.

We have been navigating complicated government processes and protecting your rights so you can stay focused on keeping your business afloat. We have spoken to Governor Ricketts, State Senators, Members of Congress and any other person with a .gov email address in order to convince them how important it is that the economy is not in opposition of public health. Both can coexist safely and prosperously together.

Your Chamber is your business’ life raft in the troubled waters of COVID-19. We were the life raft for you during the great recession and we will be again the next time a crisis rolls around.

You might have received some value out of your membership via our STIK e-Gift card program, COVID webpage, the KAEER Fund (which has distributed almost $130k back to employees of Buffalo County,) the Back to Business Playbook or any other resources we have provided in the last few months, but you can’t put a price on the value you’re receiving from your Chamber’s advocacy efforts aimed at the federal, state, and local government. Over many years, your Chamber’s leaders have built relationships between our organization and all of the public officials. This ensures that our member’s voice will be heard, even in times of crisis.

We hope you’ll take advantage of all the programming we are providing, mostly free of charge, to keep you engaged with government and business leaders. We’re doing this for you in hopes it will help your business succeed.

If your business is looking for PPE, the state has set up a link:

Click here to see the new guidelines from OSHA as well.

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