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The Solid Rock Christian bookstore, located at 2020 Central Ave. since 1975, moved to their new location at 1010 3rd Avenue back in February of 2022.

In 2018, Linda and Dan Muhlbach purchased the store from Bill and Ila Ballou, former owners of 45 years. With traffic from nearby restaurants, they are able to serve both local and traveling customers. The new location is around 2/3 the size of the former location, which Linda pointed out makes it easier to maintain. This, along with the better parking availability, are valued benefits to the recent move.

Linda stated every business has their "Why". For the Solid Rock, it is because they love Jesus Christ and his word. Due to the fewer bookstores in the area, Linda said it's important to promote their "Why" in Kearney.

The best sellers in the store are the books, bibles, jewelry, cards (all of which have scripture), and Willow Tree figurines. In just the past 2 months, they've sold 70 bible covers, and last year they sold over 3,000 bibles!

During Covid, Linda knew for certain what "essential personnel" was - every customer who purchased cards to encourage and build up others provided support in our community.

Carlie Nelson, employed since 2011 with the Solid Rock, plans to take ownership after Linda's retirement in the near future. Carlie Nelson is originally from south Alabama with three children. After feeling they were supposed to move to the area, her husband was offered a position in the Kearney community.

All denominations are welcome to shop at the Solid Rock. There's something for everyone and all occasions!

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