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Megan Goeke, Chair of the Envoys and Assistant Director of the College of Business & Technology, says their department is the fastest growing portion of UNK. The College of Business & Technology gives students amazing experiential learning opportunities about Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, Industrial Distribution, Construction Management, Accounting, Finance, and Economics. Megan says since all of the instructors in her department are business owners, it gives them better knowledge and perspective to help students apply for jobs in the local area. “We can help them connect, whether through internship or direct networking.”

Brewed Awakening is their shining star which started as a coffee cart in 2012, but has fully evolved to a student operated establishment. They serve breakfast foods such as burritos and biscuits & gravy, as well as Billy Jack’s Pizza. Their hours are 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Another resourceful gem the College of Business & Technology offers, is the Career Closet, offering students a chance to rent professional apparel for internships, interviews, or career fairs. In 2019, the Career Closet received a grant, but instantly had to close down due to COVID, making this the first semester they are open. This past fall, students saved $8500 in clothing costs by renting their attire! Hello Beautiful supplies specialty sizes when needed as a sponsorship. Professional headshots are available to help each student look experienced and prepared for new opportunities. There were 43 headshots provided for the last career fair. Megan says she emphasizes “women are judged more harshly by how they look”, therefore, appearance needs to be a priority when apply for employment. “When you’re overdressed, they might not remember that, but when you’re underdressed, they’ll remember that!”. Becky Forbes, owner of Bow & Arrow, supported this and added “it’s always good to introduce yourself as well”. Megan said in her classes, they actually practice shaking hands. Students operating and helping with the Career Closet also learn the importance of assigning barcodes for sizing and colors, keeping inventory, and awareness by allowing the Marketing Department to create a logo. They are partnered with a facility to cover all cleaning services for outfits prior to reuse.

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